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Table 1 Biochemical profile of Enterobacter sp. AA26 using EnteroPluri diagnostic kit

From: Biochemical and nutritional characterization of the medfly gut symbiont Enterobacter sp. AA26 for its use as probiotics in sterile insect technique applications

Biochemical reactions
Glucose fermentation/gas production in anaerobiosis positive/positive
Lysine decarboxylation in anaerobiosis negative (slightly green)
Ornithine decarboxylation in anaerobiosis positive
Hydrogen sulphide production/indole test negative/negative
Adonitol fermentation positive
Lactose fermentation positive
Arabinose fermentation negative
Sorbitol fermentation positive
Acetoin production (Voges-Proskauer) positive
Dulcitol fermentation/phenylalanine deamination negative/negative
Urea hydrolysis positive
Citrate utilization positive