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Table 2 Identification of 16S rRNA gene fragments selected from PCR-DGGE of the B. oleae faeces. Taxonomic identification was achieved using different sequence similarity thresholds: a similarity ≥97% was used for species level identification, while similarities of 95, 90, 85, 80 and 75% were used for assignment at the genus, family, order, class and phylum levels, respectively [31]

From: Horizontal transfer and finalization of a reliable detection method for the olive fruit fly endosymbiont, Candidatus Erwinia dacicola

Isolate PCR-DGGE bandNearest match (GenBank accession no.; % sequence similarity)Taxonomic classification
FA1Ewingella americana CIP81.94 (NR_104925; 99%)Ewingella americana
FA2Rosenbergiella collisarenosi 8.8A (NR_126304; 99%)Rosenbergiella collisarenosi
FA3Erwinia aphidicola Och2N7 (NR_104724; 99%)Erwinia aphidicola
FA4Enterobacter muelleri JM-458 (NR_104647; 100%)Enterobacter muelleri
FA5Serratia marcescens NBRC102204 (NR_114043; 99%)Serratia marcescens
FA6Rahnella woolbedingensis FRB227 (NR_146848; 99%)Rahnella woolbedingensis
FA7Morganella morganii DSM14850 (NR_043751; 99%)Morganella morganii
FA8Leclercia adecarboxylata CIP82.92 (NR_104933; 91%)unclassified Enterobacteriaceae
FA9Morganella morganii DSM14850 (NR_043751; 99%)Morganella morganii
FA10Lactococcus taiwanensis 0905C15 (NR_114327; 95%)unclassified Lactococcus
FA11Cedecea lapagei DSM4587 (NR_126318; 99%)Cedecea lapagei
FA12Enterobacter muelleri JM-458 (NR_104647; 100%)Enterobacter muelleri
FA13Erwinia aphidicola Och2N7 (NR_104724; 99%)Erwinia aphidicola
FA15Acidibacter ferrireducens MCF85 (NR_126260; 95%)unclassified Acidibacter
FM1Ca. Erwinia dacicola clone htB (NR_667589; 100%)Ca. Erwinia dacicola
FM2Serratia marcescens NBRC102204 (NR_114043; 99%)Serratia marcescens
FM3Acinetobacter septicus AK001 (NR_116071; 100%)Acinetobacter septicus