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Table 1 The mean colony forming units isolated from individual mass-reared third instar larvae after feeding various bacteria supplements in the larval diet

From: A walk on the wild side: gut bacteria fed to mass-reared larvae of Queensland fruit fly [Bactrocera tryoni (Froggatt)] influence development

Bacterial group/combination fed to mass-reared larvaeMean colony forming units per larvaStandard error
Asaia sp.219,68011,969
Enterobacter sp.244,9605653
Lactobacillus sp.99802560
Leuconostoc sp.18,72014,071
Asaia sp.21,12013,228
Enterobacter sp.205,2009156
Lactobacillus sp.7712
Leuconostoc sp.93282194
Control (no added bacteria)
Asaia sp.455
Enterobacter sp.1603122
Lactobacillus sp.41
Leuconostoc sp.32361502