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Table 3 Yield of cry8-like transgenic soybean plants in the field

From: Soybean plants expressing the Bacillus thuringiensis cry8-like gene show resistance to Holotrichia parallela

Line Pods per plant Seed number per plant hundred-seed weight (g) seed weight per plant (g) Average plant height (cm) Plot yield (g)
Jinong28 30A 100A 10.91A 16.4A 40.292A 324.84A
Jinong28-cry-1 78B 222B 19.71B 35.4B 106.021B 1319.80B
Jinong28-cry-2 70B 204B 19.43B 34.9B 106.893B 1307.28B
Jinong28-cry-3 72B 188B 19.82B 34.0B 102.397B 1364.52B
Jinong28-cry-4 70B 235B 19.29B 38.2B 105.899B 1342.20B
Jinong28-cry-5 71B 215B 19.459B 32.5B 101.180B 1314.4B
Jinong28-cry-6 69B 210B 28.79B 32.5B 104.010B 1322.24B
Jinong28-cry-7 70B 218B 20.51B 32.2B 100.887B 1375.24B
Jinong28-cry-8 68B 200B 21.43B 32.6B 104.897B 1326.24B
F values 80.534 8.483 6.413 5.312 250.451 253.187
P values 0.000 0.002 0.006 0.005 0.000 0.000
  1. Note: Different upper letters indicate significant differences at (P < 0.01)