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Table 3 Comparison of rHTTP method with few commercially available kits

From: Rapid high throughput template preparation (rHTTP) method: a novel cost effective method of direct PCR for a wide range of plants

Kits/methods Time required per sample Instrumentation Cost
DNeasy Plant Mini Kit
~ 60 min Grinding assembly/ Mortar-pestle, Centrifuge, vortex (6 centrifugation steps) INR 282/− per prep
Synergy™ 2.0
(OPS Diagnostics)
43 min Centrifuge, vortex
(5 centrifugation steps)
INR 153/− per prep
Plant DNA isolation reagent
30 min. Centrifuge, vortex (3 centrifugation steps) INR 138/− per prep
Phire Plant Direct PCR Kit
(Thermo Fisher Scientific)
Thermal cycler (sample lysis and PCR done in a single tube). Crushing and spinning required in Dilution protocol INR 51/− per prep
QuickExtract™ Plant DNA extraction solution
8 min Heating device with temperature controller (it requires incubation at two different temperatures) INR 40/− per prep
rHTTP method 10 min Thermal cycler/ heating device/ any means to boil water INR 4.5/− per prep