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Fig. 7

From: Rapid high throughput template preparation (rHTTP) method: a novel cost effective method of direct PCR for a wide range of plants

Fig. 7

Comparative amplification of rice ITS using universal primer. Rice varieties Rajendra Sweta, HUR917, and TKM13 were used for the assay. M: 100 bp marker (Promega); Lane 1: TKM 13_Wang 2016; Lane 2: HUR 917_Wang 2016; Lane 3: TKM 13_Wang 1993; Lane 4: HUR 917_Wang 1993; Lane 5: TKM 13_Satya 2013; Lane 6: HUR 917_Satya 2013; Lane 7: TKM 13_rHTTP method; Lane 8: HUR 917_rHTTP method; Lane 9: Rajendra sweta_rHTTP method

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