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Fig. 1

From: Rapid high throughput template preparation (rHTTP) method: a novel cost effective method of direct PCR for a wide range of plants

Fig. 1

OPB6 (lane 1 to 10) and OPB7 (lane 11 to 20) primers showed good amplification results using10X and 20X dilutions of the crude template DNA lysate. Lane 1:Crude lysate (Cr) -without 1% BSA (BSA); Lane 2: 10 times diluted (10X) lysate-BSA; Lane 3: 20times diluted (20X) lysate-BSA; Lane 4:Bacterial DNA (Bac)-BSA; Lane 5: Bac- with 0.1% SDS-BSA; M: 100 bp marker (Promega); Lane 6: Cr-with 1% BSA (BSA+); Lane 7: 10X lysate -BSA+; Lane 8: 20X lysate-BSA+; Lane 9: Bac-BSA+; Lane 10: Bac- with 0.1% SDS-BSA+; Lane 11: Cr-BSA; Lane 12: 10X lysate-BSA; Lane13:20X lysate-BSA; Lane 14: Bac-BSA; Lane 15: Bac- with 0.1% SDS-BSA; M: 100 bp marker (Promega); Lane 16: Cr-BSA+; Lane 17: 10X lysate-BSA+; Lane 18: 20X lysate-BSA+; Lane 19: Bac-BSA+; Lane 20: Bac- with 0.1% SDS- BSA+

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