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Table 1 ARL protein recoveries (per 0.1 g wet cell mass) from inclusion bodies (IBs) by 5% (w/v) N-lauroylsarcosine (NLS) and its purification by Ni2+-NTA affinity chromatography

From: Recovery of recombinant Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigens fused with cell wall-anchoring motif (LysM) from inclusion bodies using non-denaturing reagent (N-laurylsarcosine)

Stages of solubilization/purification Total protein (mg)/0.1 g cell wet mass Target protein (mg)/0.1 g cell wet mass Purity (%)
Cell lysate 3.21 1.53 47
Insoluble fraction/IBs 1.9 1.14 60
Soluble fraction after 5% NLS treatment 1.12 0.69 61.8
Purified ARL after Ni2+-NTA affinity chromatography 0.64 0.63 98
Extractability (%) from IBs 33.68% 55.42%