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Table 1 Pregnancy outputs from cloned embryos according to cell line

From: Establishment of TP53-knockout canine cells using optimized CRIPSR/Cas9 vector system for canine cancer research

Cell type Nuclear transfer Embryo transfer
No. of oocyte donors dogs No. of No. of surrogate
No. of pregnancies (%)a
Oocyte subjected to NT Oocyte fused & transferred (%)c Offspring born
On Day 30 Full Termb
K9 Fetus 1 (control) 14 121 109 (90.1) 3 (2.8)e 7 3 (21.1)e 3 (21.1)e
(1st trial)
43 491 218 (50.5) 0 (0.0) 15 0 (0.0) 0 (0.0)
(2nd trial)
66 770 282 (42.3) 0 (0.0) 17 0 (0.0) 0 (0.0)
  1. a Pregnancy was detected using real-time ultrasonography. Pregnancy rate was calculated based on the number of pregnancies observed out of the total number of surrogates that were transferred with reconstructed embryos (fused oocytes)
  2. b Full term pregnancy refer to pregnancy that successfully produced live offspring
  3. c Fusion rate was calculated based on the number of fused oocytes out of the total oocytes that were subjected to nuclear transfer (NT)
  4. d The offspring born were calculated based on the total number of reconstructed embryo transferred
  5. e Superscripts in different rows in the same column differ significantly (P < 0.05)