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Fig. 4

From: Recombinant Expression and Bioactivity Comparison of Four Typical Fungal Immunomodulatory Proteins from Three Main Ganoderma Species

Fig. 4

SDS-PAGE (a) and Western Blotting (b) of the recombinant Ganoderma FIPs from P. pastoris. Lane M, protein marker; lane 1, supernatant of wild-type GS115, negative control; lane 2 & 3, rFIP-gap1 from fermentation culture and purified rFIP-gap1; lane 4 & 5, cultured and purified rFIP-gap2; lane 6 & 7, rLZ-8 from fermentation culture and purified rLZ-8; lane 8 & 9, rFIP-gsi from cultured supernatant and purified rFIP-gsi

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