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Fig. 1

From: Recombinant Expression and Bioactivity Comparison of Four Typical Fungal Immunomodulatory Proteins from Three Main Ganoderma Species

Fig. 1

Amino acid sequence alignment of known Ganoderma FIPs. FIP-gap1 (GenBank: AEP68179.1) and FIP-gap2 (GenBank: ART88472.1), FIP-gat (GenBank: AJD79556.1), FIP-gbo (Li et al., 2016), FIP-gja (GenBank: AAX98241.1), FIP-gmi (Lin et al., 2016), FIP-gsi (Li et al., 2011), FIP-gts (Lin et al., 1997), LZ-8 (GenBank: AAA33350.1) and LZ-9 (Bastiaan. et al., 2013) were from G. applanatum, G. atrum, G. boninense, G. japonicum, G. microsporum, G. sinense, G. tsugae and G. lucidum, respectively. Identical amino acid residues are marked in black shades, whereas similar amino acids are shaded in pink or light blue

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