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Fig. 1

From: Association of high pressure and alkaline condition for solubilization of inclusion bodies and refolding of the NS1 protein from zika virus

Fig. 1

Incubation at high pressure promotes solubilization of NS1-IBs. Suspension of NS1-IBs was subjected to 2.4 kbar for 90 min and at 0.4 kbar for 14 h 30 min (2.4/0.4 kbar) or at 1 bar for 16 h. a Curve of LS vs GndHCl; b curve of LS vs pH; c SDS-PAGE analysis of the supernatant of the suspension subjected to 1 bar; d SDS-PAGE analysis of the supernatant of the suspension maintained at 2.4 kbar/0.4 kbar and e curve of LS vs Arg (pH 10.5). The LS measurements were carried out in a spectrofluorimeter with an excitation of 320 nm; the emission was determined between 315 and 325 nm, and the areas of the peaks were used for plotting. The LS value obtained for the suspension at a pH of 8.0 read immediately at 1 bar was considered to be 100%. For SDS-PAGE samples were boiled and reduced. The results are representative of experiments performed three times

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