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Table 6 Comparison of key publications

From: A highly parallel strategy for storage of digital information in living cells

Study Code Partition Data encoded Shannon information (bits) Total bases Rate Error tolerance
Bancroft 2001 Triplets of A, C, T to uppercase letters Address based, with indexes also concatenated on a dedicated key molecule 107 character English phrase 509 479 0.531
Church 2012 2 bases mapped to each binary digit Address based Text, images and source code 5,270,000 8,728,782 0.302 12 of 22 corrected
Goldman 2013 Huffman encoded, bases mapped to ternary digits and rotated Purely address based assembly, fourfold redundancy due to overlaps between pieces Text, PDF, audio, images 5,165,800 17,940,195 0.144 Recovered from 0.4%
Grass 2015 Based on Reed-Solomon code Address based Text 664,000 788,578 0.421 Recovered from 1%
Yazdi 2015 Word 6-tuple mapped to binary numbers and DNA sequences Address based Text 23,196 32,000 0.362
This study Block cipher based on Levenshtein distances Purely overlap based Text, images, video, random data 83,824 111,192 0.377 Recovered from 1%