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Table 2 Quantification of cecropin A peptides cleaved from the fusions in the three different schemes

From: Rapid and efficient production of cecropin A antibacterial peptide in Escherichia coli by fusion with a self-aggregating protein

Expression systems MW (kDa) Fusions yielda (μg/mg wet cell pellet) Peptide yieldb (μg/mg wet cell pellet) Cleavage effciencyc (%) Percent recoveryd (%) Peptide puritye (%)
CF system 4.6 0.93f 90.4
AT-HIS system 4.4 4.85 0.41 100 52.14 92.1
SA-ELK16 system 4.4 51.16 6.20 79.50 78.38 99.9
  1. aYield of fusion proteins in the form of aggregates or soluble fractions
  2. bYield of cecropin A peptides after intein-mediated cleavage in LB culture: 2.87 ± 0.62 mg/ml wet cell weight in the SA-ELK16 system and 1.48 ± 0.48 mg/ml wet cell weight in the AT-HIS system, estimated with the densitometric analysis software Gel-Pro Analyzer or BCA Protein Assay Kit
  3. cCleavage efficiency was calculated by dividing the amount of cleaved protein aggregate by the amount of total aggregate before cleavage
  4. dPercentage recovery of cecropin A peptide was calculated by dividing the mass of cecropin A peptide after cleavage by the mass that could be theoretically obtained from the fusion protein
  5. ePurity of CeA peptide was calculated with the BandScan software
  6. fYield of CeA peptide in the CF system was 0.93 μg/ml of reaction mixture