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Table 1 Recombinant antigen protein recovery of ACERL from inclusion bodies (IBs) by 5% (w/v) N-lauroyl sarcosine (NLS) and its purification by Ni2+-NTA affinity chromatography

From: Proof of concept in utilizing in-trans surface display system of Lactobacillus plantarum as mucosal tuberculosis vaccine via oral administration in mice

Stages of solubilization /purification Protein (mg)
Recombinant antigen ACERL
Cell lysate (0.1 g cell wet mass) 3.74 ± 0.08
Insoluble fraction 2.20 ± 0.1
Soluble fraction (after 5% NLS treatment) 1.31 ± 0.1
Purified (after Ni2 + -NTA purification) 0.84 ± 0.02
Extractability (%) 38.2%