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Table 1 Summary of microfluidic assembly methods

From: DNA assembly with error correction on a droplet digital microfluidics platform

Authors Type of microfluidics Assembly method Assembly size Error rates
Kong et al. [22] Droplet Polymerase-based (PCA) 500 –1000 bp 1.78 errors/kb
Huang et al. [21] Microchannel Polymerase-based (PCA) 760 bp 4.1 errors/kb
Quan et al. [23] Microarray Polymerase-based (PCA) 500 – 1000 bp 1.9 errors/kb
Tian et al. [24] Microarray Polymerase-based (PAM) 14,500 bp 2.2 errors/kb
Linshiz et al. [48] Chanel Exonuclease-based (Gibson) and polymerase-based (IHDC) 754 bp N/A
Shih et al. [49] Combined digital and droplet microfluidics Exonuclease-based assembly of dsDNA (Gibson) 2100 bp N/A
Tangen et al. [50] Droplets Polymerase-based (PCA) and Exonuclease-based (Gibson) 525 bp N/A
Ben-Yehezkel et al. [18] Digital microfluidics Polymerase-based (POP) 800 bp 2.22 errors/kb