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Fig. 2

From: Successful production of genome-edited rats by the rGONAD method

Fig. 2

Production of Tyr knock-out (KO) rats by the rGONAD method. a Scheme of allele-specific genome editing for knock-out rats. The rGONAD method was performed in 0.75 day pregnant albino WKY crossed to agouti DA strains, which the fertilized eggs are (WKY x DA) F1 hybrid. The target sequence and PAM at Tyr locus are shown. b Some the editing rats had albino colored coats. c Direct sequencing results of wild-type F1 (upper; WT) or the editing (below; indel) rats. Red arrow indicates indel mutaion. d Sequence analysis of the pups showed a variety of indel mutation at the Tyr locus, as shown in red. e, f Graph shows analysis of the percentage of genome edited efficiency in Tyr gene in WKY female x DA male (e) and WKY female x male (f)

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