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Fig. 5

From: Cell-based reference samples designed with specific differences in microRNA biomarkers

Fig. 5

Expression profiling of miRNAs of interest in RNA mixtures. Panels a and b show the Cq values for total RNA mixtures and cell line mixtures, respectively. Mix1 and Mix2 were prepared volume:volume:volume, normalized for concentration, using pure total RNA isolated in the BRL (see Fig. 2, scenarios 5 and 6) or count:count:count from intact cells grown in the core facility (see Fig. 2, scenario 7) on four separate occasions (circles, squares, triangles, and diamonds). Each set of RNA mixture pairs (e.g. Mix1 circles and Mix2 circles) were split and measured in triplicate plates (black, red, and blue) by RT-PCR in both the BDL and BRL. For the cell line mixtures, only the BRL extracted RNA from each set of cell line mixture pairs and then measured by RT-PCR in triplicate plates. Horizontal jitter added for display purposes

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