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Table 1 General parameters of sequencing data for MB-seq and MRB-seq

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: DNA methylome profiling at single-base resolution through bisulfite sequencing of 5mC-immunoprecipitated DNA

Raw data (Gbp)
Mapped data (Gbp)
Mapped rate67.974.177.578.1
Unique mapped data (Gbp)
Unique mapped rate62.163.167.975.22
Conversion rate99.799.399.199.6
Methylation level of C3.
Methylation level of CG68.884.884.467.8
Methylation level of CHG0.220.880.920.32
Methylation level of CHH0.211.681.360.23
Total number of mCpGs identified26,636,5398,132,8664,288,3261,608,626
  1. * The General parameters of sequencing data of BS-seq is obtained from the methylome of PBMCs in a Chinese YH sample [21]