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Table 3 Catalytic activity and regioselectivity of TLL immobilized on Purolite C18 under different experimental conditions

From: Modulation of the regioselectivity of Thermomyces lanuginosus lipase via biocatalyst engineering for the Ethanolysis of oil in fully anhydrous medium

Immobilization conditions
(pH; presence/absence CTAB; Tª)
Ethanolysis of oil: μmols/min/
gram of biocatalyst
pH 5; no CTAB; 4 °C 0.5 No selectivity
pH 7, no CTAB; 25 °C 0.6 No selectivity
pH 7; with CTAB; 25 °C 0.8 No selectivity
pH 8.5; no CTAB; 30 °C 0.8 No selectivity
pH 8.5; with CTAB; 30 °C 2.5 1,3-regioselectivity