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Table 3 Plasmids used in this study

From: An att site-based recombination reporter system for genome engineering and synthetic DNA assembly

Name Description Reference/Source
pSW23T pSW23::oriTRP4; [CmR]; oriVR6K [29]
pSU38Δ orip15A [KmR] [48]
pHK-Int pGB2ts::cI857-λ-PR-HKInt, [SpR] [30]
pHK11-Amp pLDR11::attP_HK, [ApR,TcR] [30]
pSC101 pSC101ts, repA [TcR] [49]
pUC19 oriColE1, lacZα [ApR] [50]
pBAD43 oripSC101, PBAD::MCS,[SpR] [51]
pHK11Δamp pHK11-Amp::attP_HK,ΔAmp, [TcR] this study
pMP96 pSC101ts::cI857-λ-PR-(HKXis-HKInt λXisInt), [SpR] [23]
pMP58 pSC101ts::oriTRP4;repA, [CmR,ApR] this study
pMDG1 pMP58;bla::attB_HK,[ApR,CmR] this study
pMDG2 pSW23T::bla::attB_HK from pMDG1 this study
pMDG3 α/pSU38::attR_HK, [ApR] this study
pMDG4 pSW23T::attL_HK, [CmR] this study
pMJM1 pSW23T::attB_HKwt, [CmR] this study
pMJM2 pSW23T::attL_HKmut, [CmR] this study
pMJM3 pSW23T::attL_HK40, [CmR] this study
pMJM4 pSW23T::attL_HK30, [CmR] this study
pJB6 pSU38Δ::attR_HK-attL_λ, [ApR] this study
pJB7 pSW23T::attR_HK-attL_λ, [CmR] this study
pJB8 pBAD43::HKXis-HKInt λXisInt, [SpR] this study
pZJ7 pBAD33::ΦC31Int, [CmR] J. Zhao and S. Colloms
pZJ7ΔXbaI pZJ7 with SpeI – XbaI fragment deleted this study
pPhiC31-Int pGB2ts::cI857-λ-PR-ΦC31Int, [SpR] this study
pPhiC31-attP pHK11Δamp::attP_ΦC31, [TcR] this study