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Table 2 Bacterial strains used in this study

From: An att site-based recombination reporter system for genome engineering and synthetic DNA assembly

E. coli   
Name Genotype Reference/Source
β2163 (F) RP4–2-Tc::Mu ΔdapA::(erm-pir) [KmR EmR] [29]
π1 DH5αΔthyA::(erm-pir116) [EmR] [29]
MFDpir MG1655 RP4–2-TC::[Mu1::aac(3)IV-ΔaphA-Δnic35-ΔMu2::zeo] ΔdapA::(erm-pirrecA[ApraR ZeoRErmR] [47]
PGB-8557 DH5α strain containing plasmids pHKΔ-Amp and pHK-Int [TcR SpR] this study
PGB-E274 DH5α strain containing plasmids pΦC31-attP and pΦC31-Int [TcR SpR] this study
One Shot ® Top10 F- mcrA Δ(mrr-hsdRMS-mcrBC) Φ80lacZΔM15 Δ lacX74 recA1 araD139 Δ(araleu)7697 galU galK rpsL (StrR) endA1 nupG ThermoFisher Scientific