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Table 3 Predicted effect of single and double mutations on the specific growth rate (μ) and ribose-5-phosphate yield (Yr5p) under microaerobic conditions

From: Heterogeneous oxygen availability affects the titer and topology but not the fidelity of plasmid DNA produced by Escherichia coli

Mutations μ (h−1) Yr5p (−)
PDH 0.37 4.83
PDH, LDH 0.22 6.15
PDH, ICL 0.22 6.15
PDH, MALS 0.22 6.15
PDH, GLUN 0.42 3.54
  1. Simulations were performed to maximized biomass while fixing to zero the flux through the following enzymes: ICL Isocitrate lyase, LDH Lactate dehydrogenase, MALS Malate synthase, GLUN Glutaminase