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Table 2 Percentages of leaf trichomes with different number of branches in the Arabidopsis Kinesin-13a-1 mutant and the three GhKIS13A1-COM lines

From: Expression and functional analyses of a Kinesin gene GhKIS13A1 from cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) fiber

  No. of trichome branches
5 4 3 2
Mutant 1.4 a 89.3 a 8.7 b 0.7 a
C3 0 b 3.4 b 94.9 a 1.7 a
C7 0 b 4.0 b 94.4 a 1.7 a
C10 0 b 6.4 b 93.0 a 0.9 a
  1. Data represent the mean percentages of trichomes with the indicated number of branches on the eighth rosette leaf from seven plants. Data were analyzed by one-way ANOVA. Different lower-case letters indicate significant differences among different lines at the 5% probability level (One-way ANOVA, Least Significant Difference test)