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Table 2 Cost/benefit comparison of lentiviral shRNA methods

From: A streamlined method for the design and cloning of shRNAs into an optimized Dox-inducible lentiviral vector

Method Cost Unit Benefits Drawbacks
EZ-Tet-pLKO $50 per shRNA Low cost, Customizable, Puro/Hygro/Blast
Efficient 7 nt loop
2–3 day process
TRC library (non-inducible) $208/$330
(glycerol stock)
per shRNA/Set of 3–6 No cloning required Non-inducible, 6 nt loop
TRC library (Dox-inducible) $450/$1100
(glycerol stock)
per shRNA/ Set of 3 No cloning required High cost, 6 nt loop
(viral particles)
1 unique or 3 mixed Ready to use