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Table 1 Strains used in this study

From: A novel point mutation in RpoB improves osmotolerance and succinic acid production in Escherichia coli

Strains Genotype Source
Suc-T110 E.coli ATCC#8739, ΔldhA, ΔpflB, ΔptsI, Ppck*-galP, Ppck*-pck [41]
HX024 Suc-T110, ΔackA-pta, Ppck*-aceBA, Ppck*-dcuC, ΔmgsA,adaptively evolved for 1440 generations [4]
RpoBD645Y Suc-T110:: rpoB (D654Y) In this study
AgaRR109W Suc-T110:: agaR (R109W) In this study
OV-LamB Suc-T110, Ppck*- malK-lamB-malM In this study
RpoBD645Y/∆malEFG RpoBD645Y, ∆malE-malF-malG In this study
RpoBD645Y, ∆malE-malF-malGmalK-lamB-malM In this study
  1. Ppck* stand for a mutant of the E. coli pck promoter which with a G-to-A mutation at position -64 relative to the ATG start codon