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Table 2 Plasmids used in this study

From: Penicillin production in industrial strain Penicillium chrysogenum P2niaD18 is not dependent on the copy number of biosynthesis genes

Plasmid Characteristics Source
pD-Phleo trpC(p)::ble [46]
pKOvelB 1 kb 5’ flank region and 1 kb 3’ flank region of PcvelB with FRT sites in pD-Phleo This study
pKOpcbCFRTble Replacement of PcvelB-specific flanks by pcbC-specific flanks in pKOvelB This study
pKOvosA 5’PcvosA flank, 5’FRT, PtrpC, nat1 resistance gene, 3’FRT sequence, 3’PcvosA flank [16]
pPTRII_PcFLP trpC promoter, Pcflp gene, ptrA resistance gene of A. oryzae, AMA1 sequences of A. nidulans [16]
pKOpcbCFRTnat Replacement of PcvosA-specific flanks by pcbC-specific flanks in pKOvosA This study
ppcbCFRTnat Introduction of pcbC ORF behind 5’ pcbC flank in pKOpcbCFRTnat This study
pGFP-pcbC Pgpd::pcbC::egfp::Ttrpc, PtrpC::nat1 This study
pPCPV1 Plasmid harbouring the complete penicillin biosynthesis cluster and the niaD gene Kamerewerd and Kück, unpublished