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Table 1 P. chrysogenum strains used in this study

From: Penicillin production in industrial strain Penicillium chrysogenum P2niaD18 is not dependent on the copy number of biosynthesis genes

Strains Relevant genotypes Source
NRRL 1951 (= CBS 307.48) Wild type, isolated from moldy cantaloupe; parent of most high yielding penicillin producing strains [50]
P2niaD18 Penicillin producer; niaD [13]
ΔpcbC T7-1 Pcku70::FRT;pcbC::FRT::PtrpC::phleo::FRT; niaD This study
ΔPcku70 EK2 Pcku70::PtrpC::nat1 [31]
ΔPcku70.1 T1 ∆Pcku70::FRT::PtrpC::ble::FRT [16]
ΔPcku70.1 T17 ∆Pcku70::FRT::PtrpC::ble::FRT [16]
ΔPcku70.2 T1-1 PtrpC::Pcflp; PptrA::ptrA; ∆Pcku70::FRT [16]
ΔPcku70.2 T17-1 PtrpC::Pcflp; PptrA::ptrA; ∆Pcku70::FRT [16]
ΔPcku70.2 T1-2 Pcku70::FRT; niaD [16]
ΔPcku70.2 T17-2 Pcku70::FRT; niaD [16]
ΔpcbC::pcbC Pcku70::FRT;pcbC:: pcbC::FRT:: PtrpC::nat1::FRT; niaD This study
ΔpcbC::pcbC-gfp Pcku70::FRT;pcbC::FRT::PtrpC::phleo::FRT; Pgpd::pcbC::egfp::TtrpC; PtrpC::nat1; niaD This study
ΔpcbC::pPCPV1 Pcku70::FRT;pcbC::FRT::PtrpC::phleo::FRT; PpenDE::penDE::TpenDE; PpcbC::pcbC::TpcbC::TpcbC; PpcbAB::pcbAB::TpcbAB; niaD + This study