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Fig. 1

From: Penicillin production in industrial strain Penicillium chrysogenum P2niaD18 is not dependent on the copy number of biosynthesis genes

Fig. 1

Determination of the copy-number of different P. chrysogenum strains using PFGE. (A) Genetic map of the duplicated 110 kb pen cluster region, based on the recently published genome sequence [23]. The penicillin biosynthesis genes are marked in red and recombination sites are indicated in bold face (A-H) and are identical to those reported for other Penicillium strains [9]. (B) Simplified map of the penicillin genes and adjacent regions showing the probes (adh-like, pcbC, rco3 and exo84) for Southern hybridization experiments. In addition restriction sites for PmeI, PacI and SwaI are given. (C) Pulsed field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) of PmeI, PacI or SwaI restricted genomic DNA. For these experiments, the original cantaloupe strain NRRL 1951 [C] and the high-producer P2niaD18 [P] were used. The duplicated area is given as a grey bar in AB, and fragments that indicate the proposed duplications are marked with a red asterisk in C

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