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Table 1 Recipe for the modified artificial diet for M. separata

From: Knockdown of Mythimna separata chitinase genes via bacterial expression and oral delivery of RNAi effectors

Component A Component B
Corn flour 2–3 g Glucose 1.8–2.4 g
Corn leaf flour 4–5 g L-Ascorbic acid 0.3–0.4 g
Soybean flour 2.3–2.8 g Distilled water 25 ml
Yeast extract 4–5 g Component C  
Casein 1–1.5 g Distilled water 75 ml
Cholesterol 0.06–0.08 g Agar 1.7–2 g
   Sorbic acid 0.1–0.2 g
  1. Leaves of corn seedling were dehydrated with oven and were ground into powder using the pestle. Component A and B were mixed, then the component C was added