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Table 3 E. coli strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Targeted optimization of central carbon metabolism for engineering succinate production in Escherichia coli

Name Characteristics Source
 BW25113 lacI q rrnB T14ΔlacZWJ16 hsdR514ΔaraBAD AH33 NBRP-E. coli at NIG
 BW25113(DE3) lacI q rrnB T14ΔlacZWJ16 hsdR514ΔaraBAD AH33dcm (DE3) This study
 BKS1 BW25113(DE3) harboring pCDF-pck This study
 BKS2 BW25113 harboring pCDF-pck This study
 BKS3 BL21(DE3) harboring pCDF-pck This study
 BKS4 BW25113(DE3) ΔptsG::FRT This study
 BKS5 BKS4 ΔpykA::FRT This study
 BKS6 BKS5 Δppc::FRT This study
 BKS7 BKS6 ΔmaeA::FRT This study
 BKS8 BKS7 ΔmaeB::FRT This study
 BKS9 BKS8 Δsdh::FRT This study
 BKS10 BKS9 ΔiclR::FRT This study
 BKS11 BKS10 harboring pCDF-pck-ecaA This study
 BKS12 BKS8 harboring pCDF-pck This study
 BKS13 BKS8 harboring pCDF-pck and pRSF-anti-pykF This study
 BKS14 BKS8 harboring pCDF-pck and pBldg-anti-pykF This study
 BKS15 BKS11 harboring pBldg-anti-pykF This study
 pKD3 FRT(FLP recognition target) sites; CmR (Datsenko and Wanner 2000)
 pKD46 Red recombinase expression vector; AmpR (Datsenko and Wanner 2000)
 pCP20 FLP expression vector; AmpR,CmR (Datsenko and Wanner 2000)
 pETDuet-1 pBR322 ori with PT7; AmpR Novagen
 pCDFDuet-1 CDF ori with PT7; StrR Novagen
 pRSFDuet-1 RSF ori with PT7; KanR Novagen
 pBldgbrick2 p15A ori with PlacUV5; CmR (Yao et al, 2013)
 pCDF-pck pCDFDute-1 with pck This study
 pCDF-pck-ecaA pCDFDuet-1 with pck and ecaA This study
 pRSFM1 pRSF without RBS sequence This study
 pRSF-anti-pykF pRSFM1 with anti-pykF This study
 pBldg-anti-pykF pBldgbrick2 with anti-pykF This study