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Fig. 3

From: Towards next generation maggot debridement therapy: transgenic Lucilia sericata larvae that produce and secrete a human growth factor

Fig. 3

tTA-mediated pdgf-b expression in transgenic L. sericata. a Schematic of the DR4 tTA driver and EF-PDGF tTA-regulated effector gene constructs in piggyBac transformation vectors. b Genomic DNA sequence adjacent to 3' pBac for each strain. c DR4#14, EF-PDGF#11, and DR4#14 + EF-PDGF#11 larvae under white light. d Relative expression of pdgf-b mRNA in control effector alone and tTA-driver plus effector larvae. qRT-PCR analysis was performed on RNA isolated from whole larvae and normalized to the 28 s rRNA reference gene

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