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Fig. 5

From: Generating aldehyde-tagged antibodies with high titers and high formylglycine yields by supplementing culture media with copper(II)

Fig. 5

Aldehyde tag conversion is independent of tag location and antibody type. The aldehyde tag was incorporated at various positions across an antibody heavy chain—at the CH1, hinge, or heavy chain C-terminus (CH-CT). Cotransfection of vectors encoding FGE and the relevant heavy and lights chains in Expi293™ cells enabled transient production of fGly-containing antibodies in good titer (a) and with high conversion (b). By comparison, when untagged antibody was expressed following the same procedure, the titer was 223 mg/L. Installation of the aldehyde tag at the CH-CT of three different IgG1-type antibodies followed by coexpression with FGE in Expi293™ cells resulted in the same high titers (c) and conversion (d). All panels, n = 3; error bars represent standard deviation

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