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Fig. 3

From: Generating aldehyde-tagged antibodies with high titers and high formylglycine yields by supplementing culture media with copper(II)

Fig. 3

fGly conversion proceeds efficiently in cells cultured in the presence of 5–50 μM copper(II) sulfate. CHO-S clone 101 stably expressing FGE + KDEL and CT-tagged antibody was cultured in FortiCHO™ +/- the indicated concentrations of copper(II) sulfate added on day 0 (a), or with 50 μM copper(II) sulfate added on days 3 or 5 (b). Cultures were fed with 10 % Efficient Feed C on Days 3, 5, and 7. Media was harvested at day 10 (a) or day 12 (b); titers (indicated by the numbers atop bars, mg/L) were assessed by ELISA, and conversion was determined by mass spectrometry. n = 7 experiments for 0 and 50 μM copper(II) sulfate added on day 0; other time points and copper(II) sulfate concentrations were tested once

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