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Fig. 9

From: Dental follicle stem cells in bone regeneration on titanium implants

Fig. 9

Calcium quantification by the alizarin red method. a Ca2+ levels in supernatants harversted after 21 days, from the DF stem cell cultures on Ti Ctrl, Ti HA, Ti SiO2 implants using standard stem medium, OS and OC mediums (b) alizarin red staining of Ca2+ deposition at the surface of Ti Ctrl, Ti HA, Ti SiO2 implants, in same the conditions of cultivation for 21 days. (Legend: TiCtrl- Ti6Al7Nb alloy porous titanium, TiHA-titanium infiltrated with hydroxyapatite, TiSiO2-titanium infiltrated with silicatitanate; stem m-stem cell medium, OS m- simple osteogenic medium; OC m- complex osteogenic medium)

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