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Fig. 8

From: Dental follicle stem cells in bone regeneration on titanium implants

Fig. 8

a BMP-2 expression in cell culture medium of DF stem cells cultivated on titanium implants in relation with differentiation medium: standard stem cell medium (blue), simple osteogenic medium (OS) (purple) and complex osteogenic medium (OC) (orange). b Osteopontin (OPN) values obtained in cell culture medium in the same conditions of DF stem cell cultures. (Legend: TiCtrl- Ti6Al7Nb alloy porous titanium, TiHA-titanium infiltrated with hydroxyapatite, TiSiO2-titanium infiltrated with silicatitanate; stem m-stem cell medium, OS m- simple osteogenic medium; OC m- complex osteogenic medium)

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