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Fig. 5

From: Dental follicle stem cells in bone regeneration on titanium implants

Fig. 5

a Cell surface stem cell antigens analysed by flowcytometry: positive expression for CD44, CD73, CD105, CD29, CD49e and CD166 and lack of expression of CD34, CD45 and CD 117 indicate a mesenchymal stem cell phenotype. b RNA molecules expression in dental follicle (DF1, DF2) and placental (Pl) mesenchymal stem cells: strong expression for Oct3/4, Nanog, SCF,CXCR4, Thy-1 and Tie-2 and HLA-ABC, and absence of HLA-DR, Sox-2,c-kit, and TERT expression. Vimentin and Rex-1 have a weaker expression and was different for DF1 and DF2

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