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Fig. 9

From: Novel avian single-chain fragment variable (scFv) targets dietary gluten and related natural grain prolamins, toxic entities of celiac disease

Fig. 9

ScFv binds to digests of gluten-rich grains, but not to gluten-free grains or pseudo grains. ScFv was diluted to 10, 100, 1000 and 10,000 ng/ml and binding to various grain digests was assessed by ELISA as described in Methods. Data shown were analyzed by 3-parameter curve-fit nonlinear regression using Graph Pad Prism 6 software and are OD values (450 nm) representing the mean (+/− SEM) of triplicates. ScFv detects PT-Gliadin (a), common bread wheat (b), khorasan wheat (c) and to lower degree rye (d). ScFv does not react with barley (e), corn (f), or rice (g). ScFv does not detect the pseudo grain amaranth (h). Please note the axis break in e, f, g and h, which was introduced to demonstrate that OD450 does not exceed 0.2 and represents background signal

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