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Fig. 7

From: Novel avian single-chain fragment variable (scFv) targets dietary gluten and related natural grain prolamins, toxic entities of celiac disease

Fig. 7

Purified scFv detects PT-Gliadin and natural wheat flour digest comparable to IgY. PT-Gliadin or wheat flour digest (10 μg per lane) were separated under reducing [red] or non-reducing [non] conditions on a 12 % Bis-Tris Gel and blotted on activated PVDF membranes. Western Blot was performed as described in Methods, using purified scFv in 1:500 (~15 μg/ml) or IgY in 1:100000 (~1 μg/ml) dilutions. Control represents a blot treated in the same way, but where primary antibody was omitted. Experiment shown is representative for at least three repeated experiments

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