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Table 1 Sequences, amplicon sizes and sources of primer sets used for qPCR

From: Engineering selection stringency on expression vector for the production of recombinant human alpha1-antitrypsin using Chinese Hamster ovary cells

Primer set Primer sequences Amplicon size (bp) Sequence source
rhA1AT 5′-GCAATGCTACCGCAATTTTCTT-3′ 72 Primer Express Software 3.0
5′-CATGGGTCAGCTCGTTTTCC-3′ (Applied Biosystems)
dhfr 5′-ACCAGGCCACCTCAGACT-3′ 120 Ng et al., 2007 [31]
β-actin 5′-AGCTGAGAGGGAAATTGTGCG-3′ 163 Fox et al., 2005 [52]
  1. rhA1AT primer set was verified by sequencing the product obtained from PCR with the first-strand cDNA from a stably transfected CHO cell line as template.