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Figure 3

From: Production of knockout mice by DNA microinjection of various CRISPR/Cas9 vectors into freeze-thawed fertilized oocytes

Figure 3

Sequence analysis of blastocysts injected with the FokI-dCas9_BD vector. The PCR products were analyzed by direct sequencing (A), followed by sequencing of subcloned plasmids (B). The wild-type IL11 sequence is shown at the top (Wild) with the gRNA target sequences (underlined). The PAM sequence is enclosed in red boxes. Deletions are indicated by dashes and substitutions and insertions are enclosed in a black box. A blue box indicates the partial sequence of exon 3. Only one or two types of mutations were detected in direct sequencing (A), whereas various mutation patterns were observed in subcloned sequencing (B). Numbers in red letters on the right side of each sequence indicate the frequencies of the corresponding alleles (number of the allele/number of total clones).

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