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Table 1 Substrate specificity of purified mAP

From: A novel psychrophilic alkaline phosphatase from the metagenome of tidal flat sediments

Substrates (1 mM) P i released relative to that from p NPP*
pNPP 100
bis-pNPP ND
AMP 39
ADP 76
ATP 25
dATP 44
dCTP 38
dGTP 39
dTTP 37
D-Glucose 1-phosphate 0.2
O-Phosphoethanolamine 3
Phosphoenolpyruvate 18
Phytic acid ND
Paraoxaon ND
Methyl parathion ND
  1. *The P i released from pNPP was set at 100%. ND: not detected. All results are the means of three experiments wherein variation was less than 15%.