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Table 3 Citric acid-producing microorganisms using different carbon sources

From: Comparison of mcl-Poly(3-hydroxyalkanoates) synthesis by different Pseudomonas putida strains from crude glycerol: citrate accumulates at high titer under PHA-producing conditions

Strain Carbon substrate Fermentation mode Ycitrate/S (g/g) Citrate (g/L) Ref.
Y. lipolytica mutant Rapseed Oil Batch 1.5 175 [51]
Y. lipolytica A-101 Raw Glycerol Batch 0.6 112 [52]
A. niger mutant Beet, Cane Molasse Batch 0.7 113.5 [53]
A. niger Glucose - 0.9 200 [54]
P. putida KT2440 Raw Glycerol Batch 0.6 20 This study
P. putida ΔphaZ Raw Glycerol Batch 0.6 20 This study