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Table 2 MR4 Anopheles gambiae s.s. strains

From: Authentication scheme for routine verification of genetically similar laboratory colonies: a trial with Anopheles gambiae

Strain name Catalog no. Origin Donor
4ARR MRA-121 Frank Collins
AKRON MRA-913 Benin Martin Akogbeto
ASEMBO MRA-186 Kenya Francis Atieli
G3 MRA-112 Gambia William Collins
IN22C+ MRA-115 Mark Benedict
KISUMU1 MRA-762 Kenya Vincent Corbel
L3-5 MRA-114 Frank Collins
M2 MRA-105 Mark Benedict
MALI NIH MRA-860 Mali Nora Besansky
MOPTI MRA-763 Mali Greg Lanzaro
PIMPERENA MRA-861 Mali Nora Besansky
RMOSPW MRA-111 Mark Benedict
RSP MRA-334 Kenya John Vulule
RSP-ST MRA-698 Frank Collins/Hilary Ranson
SUA2La MRA-765 Liberia Alessandra della Torre
ZAN/U MRA-594 Zanzibar Frank Collins/Hilary Ranson
  1. Strains mentioned are presented with MR4 catalog reference numbers, origin, and donor information. † derived from G3; ‡ derived from RSP.