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Figure 3

From: cMyc increases cell number through uncoupling of cell division from cell size in CHO cells

Figure 3

Cell cycle kinetics analysis. Example of the contour plot obtained 5 hours after BrdU pulse labelling cMycCHO culture (a). The plot displays the DNA content (x-axis) and BrdU-FITC fluorescence intensity (y-axis). Four regions can be observed with the G1 and G2/M phase represented by the DNA content shift while the BrdU labeled undivided cells undergo a temporal shift from the region above G2/M to the region above G1, indicated as the labeled divided cells on the plot. The bar chart (b) represents the cell cycle phase times: TG1, TS, TG2+M, and Tpot (n = 3). Unpaired Student's t-test indicates TG1 and Tpot are significantly different between cMycCHO and CHOK1 (p < 0.05).

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