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Table 2 Most successful combination of parameters for G. pectorale transformation using a PDS-1000/He biolistic device.

From: Stable nuclear transformation of Gonium pectorale

Parameter Parameter specification
material of microprojectiles gold
size of microprojectiles 0.6 μm in diameter
selectable marker plasmid pPmr3
coating of microprojectiles plasmid-DNA/microcarrier/CaCl2/spermidine/EtOH-precipitation
target cells immobilized on cellulose acetate membrane filter; almost free of liquid
burst pressure of rupture disks 1100 psi
rupture disk-macrocarrier distance 7 mm
macrocarrier-stopping screen distance 8 mm
stopping screen-target cell distance 6 cm
chamber evacuation 27 inch Hg
cultivation after particle bombardment in liquid medium