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Table 1 Primers utilized for the amplification of DNA coding for VLλ

From: Isolation of a human-like antibody fragment (scFv) that neutralizes ricin biological activity

MHVL1-f1 5' cag tct gtg ctg act cag cca cc 3'
MHVL1-f2 5' cag tct gtg ytg acg cag ccg cc 3'
MHVL2-f1 5' cag tct gcc ctg act cag cct 3'
MHVL3-f1 5' tcc tat gwg ctg acw cag cca cc 3'
MHVL3-f2 5' tct tct gag ctg act cag gac cc 3'
MHVL4-f1 5' ctg cct gtg ctg act cag ccc 3'
MHVL4-f2 5' cag cyt gtg ctg act caa tcr yc 3'
MHVL5-f2 5' cag sct gtg ctg act cag cc 3'
MHVL6-f1 5' aat ttt atg ctg act cag ccc ca 3'
MHVL7/8-f1 5' cag rct gtg gtg acy cag gag cc 3'
MHVL9/10-f1 5' cag scw gkg ctg act cag cca cc 3'
MHLambdaCL 5' tga aca ttc tgt agg ggc cac tg 3'
  1. Primer names indicate whether they hybridize within the variable (V) or constant (C) region of the DNA.