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Table 3 Sequence diversity of antibody fragments selected against four different antigens

From: A compact phage display human scFv library for selection of antibodies to a wide variety of antigens

Clone Family CDR3 Germline Amino acids differences from germline
VH gene     
Aflatoxin C3 VH1 ADDYGSGSYGFDY IGHV1-3*01 (DP25) 1
Aflatoxin D2 VH1 GGPLDY IGHV1-45*02 (DP4) 5
Rabies D7 VH1 GGNFDY IGHV1-18*01 (DP14) 2
Rabies B5 VH3 GYATFDY IGHV3-23*01 (DP47) 7
Cobra D11 VH4 HGRDTSGYTMDYFDS IGHV4-59*07 (H4) 14
Carcinoma C4 VH3 DRGKYPGDGMGV IGHV3-23*01 (DP47) 6
V L gene     
Aflatoxin C3 VK1 QQSYSTPYA IGKV1D-39*01 (DPK9) 4
Aflatoxin C5 VL3 QVWDRDSRTIV IGLV3-9*01 (V2-6) 16
Aflatoxin D2 VL2 SSYAGSNNLV IGLV2-8*01 (V1-2) 3
Rabies D7 VL1 AAWDDSLSGPV IGLV1-47*01 (DPL3) 2
Rabies B5 VK1 QQYSYNPYT IGKV1D-39*01 (DPK9) 1
Cobra D11 VL6 QSYDSSNRV IGLV6-57*01 (V1-22) 5
Carcinoma C4 VL1 AAWDDSLNGYV IGLV1-44*01 (DPL2) 2
  1. * CDR3 sequence and V-gene segment usage for both heavy and light chains of the selected antibody are reported. Sequence analysis was done by Ig BLAST [36] and DNA Plot program [34] (shown in parenthesis).