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Figure 2

From: High-titer preparation of Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus (BmNPV) displaying recombinant protein in silkworm larvae by size exclusion chromatography and its characterization

Figure 2

Virus titer (A) and virus number (B) of hemolymph from silkworm larvae infected with various titers of baculovirus. Before injection into silkworm larvae, 2.38 × 103, 2.38 × 105, 2.38 × 107 pfu/ml of baculovirus solution was prepared by dilution of hemolymph from rBmNPV-hPRR bacmid-injected silkworm larvae with PBS (pH 6.2). White and black bars in (A) and (B) indicate 4 and 5 days p.i., respectively.

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