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Figure 1

From: High-titer preparation of Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus (BmNPV) displaying recombinant protein in silkworm larvae by size exclusion chromatography and its characterization

Figure 1

Q-PCR analysis of BmNPV- CP--/bx-GGT2. (A) The graph of fluorescent signals during Q-PCR cycles using various baculovirus stocks. (B) Melting curve analysis of Q-PCR products. Symbols in A and B: dotted lines, water; open circles, 4.9 × 104 pfu/ml; closed squares, 9.8 × 104 pfu/ml: closed triangles, 4.9 × 105 pfu/ml; closed circles, 4.9 × 105 pfu/ml; open squares, 9 × 105 pfu/ml. (C) Standard calibration curve of cross point vs. log (BmNPV-CP-/bx-GGT2 titer). (D) Analysis of Q-PCR products using BmNPV-CP-/bx-GGT2 stock solution by 2% agarose gel. Lane M: 100-bp ladder DNA marker, lane 1: stock solution of 9.80 × 105 pfu/ml, lane 2: stock solution of 9.80 × 106 pfu/ml.

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